Bankruptcy Filing Also Means Lifestyle Changes

In the last ten years, many Americans have gotten accustomed to living beyond their means. Prior to the real estate meltdown, it got so loose you could get a credit card for your dog. With unlimited credit being available to consumers it’s easy to understand how many individuals end up filing bankruptcy. It’s understandable how a debtor can be easily overwhelmed with debt after creditors offered huge balances on credit cards with low teaser interest rates. At some time it becomes necessary to start paying the balance down and these consumers can’t afford to pay just the interest, let alone the principle owed. After going through a bankruptcy filing an individual will find it important to change their spending habits if they want to be successful in the future. Learning how to budget their monthly income should be at the top of the list. Finding someone that is experienced in financial matters could help keep a person straight post bankruptcy.

After filing for bankruptcy, it’s very important to get financial advice to keep you from making the same mistakes that caused the bankruptcy in the first place. A good place to start looking for help is to consult with the bankruptcy attorney who filed the case. No one knows your situation better than your bankruptcy attorney, so they should be able to send you in the appropriate direction. If you filed a do-it-yourself bankruptcy, check the Yellow Pages or the Internet for a low-cost credit counseling service. Always select a service that comes with references. When you’re already short on money you can’t afford to get cheated. Getting good advice will give you confidence to get back on your feet. Consultants will help you understand how not to make the same mistakes and give you ideas on how to bounce back quickly.

If your bankruptcy was caused due to job loss, you could consider changing professions at this time. Going back to school to get retrained can be an easy choice because you have the time available. Usually unemployment agencies will offer free retraining programs. With unemployment being at record highs the government has been extending benefits and offering different trade schools. Many industries are suffering and it might be years before they ever recover. Waiting for a job to open up might not be smart. Trade schools will have admissions help that will offer tuition paid by the government or at least student loans that can be paid back after the student becomes employed in the new field that they were trained. Life after filing for bankruptcy sometimes will include tough choices. It might mean that a spouse will have to go back to work, or moving in with family members temporarily until you can get employed and back on your feet.

When going through something as devastating as personal bankruptcy, an individual needs to take a realistic view of the world. Living modestly can be very freeing for an individual. It’s important to be able to decipher between your wants and your needs. Life after a bankruptcy filing will probably mean that eating out will be a rarity and designer clothes will be something of your past. It’s not that you can’t have nice things, but it should be reserved for special occasions and not a daily occurrence. Living a modest lifestyle will help a person after bankruptcy to stay debt-free. Learning the proper habits after going through personal bankruptcy can be invaluable to a successful future.

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